9 October 2010


The Full Blast tour “resumes” at the
Bimhuis in Amsterdam, the first concert in 10 days of work. A strong
audience turns out for 2 sets by the band but I miss most of my
musicians friends in town, most who were off playing their own concerts
in the area (aside from Ig Henneman who made it out for the 1st half)- A…b
Baars had a concert with ICP nearby, Terrie Hessels and the rest of the
Ex had a gig, and the Thing and Massimo Pupilo w/Carla Bozulich were
playing in Utrecht at the Rumor Festival- another busy night of music in
the Amsterdam area… Still trying to get used to the Full Blast
aesthetics, don’t want to echo Peter and don’t want to get in the way of
the trio’s momentum; feel that I can provide another platform for the
music by interjecting other melodic and rhythmic statements giving the
music another layer of separate, not duplicate, information. The
Netherland right wing government declares the Arts as a “hobby for the
left wing.” More details: