17 November 2010


Another great day in Morelia- composed a second piece for Free Fall, worked on the book of tunes for that band; sound check with the Vandermark 5 goes well once we get a pickup for the bass and a proper seat for Fred Lonberg-Holm (the monitor speaker wasn’t cutting it); concert in the evening for an incredible audience (hundreds and hundreds of people turned out for the show, too many to fit into the outdoor buy sulfamethoxazole online uk plaza, so people were lining the street outside the performance space), the band plays well despite difficult outdoor acoustics, all the new material, and the crowd response was intense and energetic (dozens and dozens of listeners came up after the show, thanking us and asking for autographs); close out the day with a special Mezcal event in preparation for a 5am pickup in the lobby… Rem Koolhaas’ birthday: http://architectureandurbanism.blogspot.com/2010/05/rem-koolhaas-delirious-new-york.html