Audio One

Band Members
Jason Adasciewicz: Vibraphone
Josh Berman: Cornet
Jeb Bishop: Trombone
Tim Daisy: Drums
Nick Macri: Bass
Nick Mazzarella: Alto Saxophone
Jen Paulson: Viola
Dave Rempis: Saxophones
Ken Vandermark: Reeds / Composer
Mars Williams: Saxophones
What Thomas Bernhard Saw (2015)
An International Report (2014)
The Midwest School (2014)Biography
Audio One is Ken Vandermark’s newest large group project, which follows his work with the critically acclaimed Territory Band and Resonance Ensemble.  Vandermark began exploring the potential in compositions for extended ensembles of improvisers in the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet in 1997.  Since then, he has continued to investigate the dynamic and creative discourse between composed and improvised music in bands of ten or more members on an ongoing basis.  Unlike the Territory Band and Resonance Ensemble, which were groups comprised of international lineups, Audio One is a Chicago-based unit that affords the band the possibility of rehearsing and performing on a regular timetable, something that was impossible for Vandermark’s previous large ensembles.  This has given him the chance to write with free reign, incorporating influences from multiple sources- such as the early AACM, The Ex, Beat Furrer, James Brown, Bernard Parmegiani, Lee Perry, Dick Raaymakers, Wire, Michael Reudenbach, and music from various parts of Africa: Angola, Ethiopia, and Nigeria- then expressing them through a wide range of composing methods and strategies.Audio One was first organized in June of 2012 for a concert at the Elastic performance space in Chicago, showcasing a number of arrangements Vandermark wrote for the music Anthony Braxton, Julius Hemphill, buy india Roscoe Mitchell, and Henry Threadgill, termed “The Midwest School.”  The concert went so well the band reconvened for two nights at Chicago’s Green Mill during March of 2013 with a program that extended the initial collection of material.  After this series of shows the ensemble realized it was too good to discontinue- the decision was made to move forward with the group and with Vandermark’s original material.  The musicians involved are all significant members of the Chicago music scene, most of them leading their own ensembles, and all have recorded extensively in a wide variety of contexts: Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Josh Berman (cornet), Tim Daisy (drums), Nick Macri (bass), Nick Mazzarella (alto saxophone), Jen Paulson (viola), Dave Rempis (saxophones), Ken Vandermark (reeds/composer), and Mars Williams (saxophones).In 2014, the group recorded another pair of performances at the Green Mill at the end of January for two albums which will be released on Vandermark’s label, Audiographic Records, in April.  The first volume will be called “The Midwest School,” and will feature his arrangements of the above mentioned composers; the second document is titled, “An International Report,” and will showcase his first pieces for Audio One.  In May, the band will perform at the Victoriaville Festival in Quebec, and then in August the ensemble will tour in the Midwest of the United States.  Plans are already organized to record a third album in the fall of 2014.