The Margots : Pescado



Track list
1. Intro Memory
2. No Lo Sabia
3. Grey
4. Pescado
5. Mr Altruistic
6. April
7. Black And White
8. Sword
9. Love Song
10. Husbands
11. Drown
12. Echoes of Memory
13. Anda

Released by The Margots [view band]

Songs by Adrienne Pierluissi
Music developed by John Dereszynski, Ken Vandermark and the Margots
Arrangements by Ken Vandermark
The Poem “Echoes of Memory by Joe McPhee
Record Label: Okka Disk
Year released: 2013
Release format: CD and LP


Adrienne Pierluissi: vocals
Tim Daisy: drums & percussion
John Dereszynski: guitars
Nick Macri: bass
Rick Reger: keyboards
Ken Vandermark: Reeds

Jen Paulson: viola
Tomeka Reid: cello
Joe McPhee: voice

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