19 May 2010


Getting out of St. Petersburg on the 16th proves to be a nightmare; city of 4.5 million people with a airport check in area the size of a small bus terminal…
Day off in Wupertal, practice with Brotzmann’s baritone (that he inherited from Werner Ludi), the most beautiful bari I’ve ever played and which I was to …buy after selling my stolen horn… We decided to gamble and bring the instrument on the Tentet tour, I’ll attempt to get it home in one piece and hopefully buy it from Peter when the insurance comes in or my horn is located and returned. A bit too much finger crossing for me. A slew of Sonore video clips from our concert in at the SKIF Festival, varying
degrees of sound and vision, but a sense of the performance: here

1st concert of the Tentet tour starts in Schorndorf, despite threats of more Icelandic volcano action… Per-Ake Holmlander nearly misses the show because the computers at the Copenhagen airport screw up  between volcanos, computers, overweight, etc., the proposition of being on the road is becoming almost ridicu.lous…).
Packed house at Manufaktur, 2 long sets and an encore, band finding its footing (more than a year since we last played), but good stretches of strong music and fantastic to be sharing the stage with everyone again. Tour celebrates the release of a 5cd box set on smalltown, live performances by the band and small groups from our 3 night stand in Oslo last February…

More shots of the Ex & Brass Unbound by Malgorzata Haduch